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  • ** Vaccine Information **


    DANGER! This info is to beware of plastic bottles laying around on your property or anywhere else for that matter! Since some dogs love to play with them, PLEASE make sure they don't go anywhere near them even if they are inside your yard! These kids are throwing them into fenced yards too! ALWAYS supervise your dog when he/she is outside even if you have a fenced in yard! DO NOT TOUCH PLASTIC BOTTLES IN YOUR YARD, MAILBOX, SIDE OF ROAD, BEACH......ANYWHERE! (Unless bottle doesn't have a cap on it, or is totally empty.) Begin forwarded message: Straight from Oakland County Sheriff's office: Kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in soda bottles and capping it up - leaving it on lawns. When you go to pick up the trash, and the bottle is shaken just a little - in about 30 seconds or less it builds up a gas and explodes with enough force to remove some of your extremities. The liquid that comes out is boiling hot as well. Don't pick up any plastic bottles that may be lying in your yards or in the gutter, etc. Pay attention to this. 1. a plastic bottle with a cap. 2. a little Drano. 3. a little water.. 4. a small piece of foil. 5. Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!! No fingers left and other serious effects to your face, eyes, etc. People are finding these "bombs" in mail boxes and in their yards, just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in the trash. But, you'll never make it!!! It takes about 30 seconds to blow after you move the thing. Check "SNOPES"'s true.

    ANOTHER PUPPY MILL IS GOING TO BE OPEN!! Once again another permit application has been submitted, but if you go to and send a email to the address (on the site) using the template (took 5 sec) OR writing your own letter; we CAN STOP THEM! Every email counts!

    ** Please look at the Vaccine Information Link found on our TIPS page **

    Did you know that having a pet can lower your risk for heart related problems? Just petting an animal can lower your stress levels. Ever come home after a long or bad day? We all had those days! When you have a pet waiting for your arrival and you walk into the comfort of your home you see that little face just waiting to greet you. Somehow those things that were weighing you down just seem too melt away. Every time you adopt one (or more) it makes room for us to be able to help more of them! We can only take in so many at a time. Help us help them!

    We are a small home-based animal rescue. Most of our rescued animals are cats & kitten’s but we also rescue dogs, horses, small & furry animals.

    Pretty much anything with a “Tail” and 4 legs! All kidding aside, we do our best to offer a temporary home, medical care, and LOTS OF LOVE for these lost souls. Due to the economy this year it has been a struggle for them as well as us.

    We are now selling items to help fund our rescue. We will have a variety of items for sale. Some new, and some gently used.
    All money received from the items sold will be used to help keep us up and running so we will be able to continue our work.
    So if you have love in your heart to help these poor animals, please take a look to see what we have by clicking on the SHOP tab.

    Driving with Pets

    Going for a ride in the car can be fun, but driving with pets can also be very dangerous to both you and your pet. I recently talked to some owners that were in an accident caused by their dog in which they were injured, the car they hit had some severe injuries and their dog was killed. How tragic!
    There are some very common dangers and causes of injuries that can be prevented and if you understand them, it will help keep you and your pets safe.
    1. Jumpers Many dogs love to hang out windows and watch what goes by, enjoying the feel of the air in their hair. Some dogs will jump out of an open car window, even though their owners would have sworn they would never do that. One day for some reason something extra excites them and out they go. I've seen everything from mild injuries and abrasions to fractures and even death resulting from dogs jumping into traffic and immediately being hit by another car. For every dog that jumps, the owners say the same thing. "He always rides like that and never jumped before."
    2. Air and eye injuries Some dogs that hang their head out of an open car window can obtain injures when things that are flying in the air hit their head or eyes. When these objects hit the dog's eyes it can cause corneal ulcers and injuries.
    3. Airbags Dogs can be severely (even fatally) injured by airbag deployment. For this reason, many dog seats and harnesses are created for use in the back seat.
    4. Distraction Dogs distract drivers. I've seen excited dogs on their owner's lap moving back and forth from the passenger window to the drivers' window. For one reason or another, they distract their drivers causing an accident. The driver looks at their dog to see what they are doing and wham!
    5. Slowed reaction time With a dog on your lap, your ability to drive and react quickly is impaired. Drivers are often unable to make a quick turn with their dog on their lap. This is a common cause of accidents.
    6. Injury in crashes Pets can be severely injured in crashes and, when they are unrestrained, they can run out of the car and suffer even more injuries. Some have even run away.
    7. Foot petal problems Some dogs (and cats) love to get down by the floor, under the seat or near the foot petals. I've seen several cases where this caused crashes.
    Pets riding unrestrained in a vehicle may be cute and fun until an accident happens. Less than 20% of dog owners use some sort of harness or seat belt to restrain their dog & a carrier for transporting cats while in a car.
    Seatbelts and car seats are especially made to keep dogs safe. We recommend that all dogs be restrained in the back seat during car rides. Windows should be kept at a lowered point so the dog can get air but can not get their head completely out the window thus preventing eye injuries and any risk of jumping. Keep your pets safe.
    If your pet is showing any signs of distress or you suspect your pet is seriously ill, CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN immediately.

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