Our Costs - Why we need Donations / Support

The cost to run the animal rescue is overwhelming, especially in this economy, with food, litter, even our time ... it is a full time job! Currently we are taking on the cost of food, litter, etc. and medical cost / help is donated by our sponsoring vets. But we can't continue to do this!! We desperately need help in this economy!! All of our animals are spay/neuter, wormed, UTD on vaccines & tested for FIV. If you had to do this at your own expense it would cost a lot more to have everything done. This way you also have the best chance of having a happy and healthy pet! Even though a cat is older than a cute kitten, they can be a great pet. Sometimes they work out better if you have a busy life style. They are more settled and less apt to get into mischief!

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