Adoption Process

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  • Adoption Form
  • We will be glad to schedule an appointment for you to come to our home to visit our rescued animals!

    Once you have decided which one (or more) would make a Loving addition to your family we will take your application and call your veterinarian to make sure they are going to a great home. Please do not take offense to this. We do this for them. It is important for them to go to a permanent loving home.

    Prior to you taking them home we will give you an information sheet regarding what they are currently eating, litter, etc.

    Please take note: We are on well water here, so if you have public water we ask you to use bottle water to start them off at your home. The easiest way to do this is: Take 1 gallon of bottle water. Fill their bowl, then take it to the faucet and fill the remainder of the gallon. Every time you give them water, add water from you faucet so they can get use to the chlorine and fluoride that maybe in your water. Sometimes they will get an upset stomach or will not drink it if you do not give them a chance to get use to it. They can also get diarrhea from a quick change!

    If you are going to change anything dietary or fluid-wise with your pet, it should be done over a 2-week period so they do not get sick.

    Our goal is to protect these animals from the time they come here and even after they have went to their new home.

    All of our rescued animals are Spay/Neuter and UTD with vaccines before you adopt them!

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